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    for 2 weeks my water pressure from my well driven house has dropped off dramatically i finally found the problem when i tried to close the hand valve to cut water to the house off and the water did not cut off hmmm the hand valve washer inside was lodged resticting the flow so i just removed that hand valve becouse i have another 4 ft down theline at the water softner this fixed the problem lots of good water pressure now but i notice that when the pressure gauge reaches about 40 lbs thats when my pump set to come on the pressure imediately goes to 0 and the water stops in the house for just a second then comes rite back in (short the pump cames on the water stops for a 10 th of second and then rite back to good flow) what would cause this??

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    Too much air pressure in the bladder tank.

    Read this:


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    thanks and this was the problem let some air out today and works great thought this was the problem but wanted to ask to be sure thanks again..


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