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Thread: New bathtub install in basement

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    Default New bathtub install in basement

    not really a basement but lowest floor of tri-level so close enough. I removed a shower and want to install a bathtub in the bathroom. Problem is that shower was in an alcove with with the wall i'd need to remove in order to get tub right over drain has water lines running throught it going upstairs and would be very difficult to tear down. Id like to install the tub just outside the alcove wall and install a sink in the alcove and have both use the same drainaige line. My question is can i elevate my tub so the p trap will be directly underneath tub drain as ive learned is important, and then run the fixture drain pipe with a downslop to where the main drain line is in the alcove floor (opening in slab concrete floor - i will remove the current P trap from old shower from it so no "s" trap will exist).

    Will having the the tub p trap be above the main drainage line, and attached to it with a sloping downward fixture drain be an issue.

    Apologize ahead of time if terms arent used quite right. I do know that the p trap for the shower always seemed to hold water. Thanks much - Richard W, Findlay, Ohio

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    Your description implies that the way you want to run the line would create an "S" trap, which is NOT permitted. ALL traps hold water unless they are installed improperly. There are also other considerations besides just "connecting the drain to the main line".

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    A raised tub usually make the bathroom look like it was built by the flintstones.

    IF the situation really needed an above floor tub drain, you can by a "regular" tub that does that, although it needs to go horizontally to catch the TRAP.

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    When I know I will have to look at something for years to come, I work through the things that might seem hard right now, to do the job right. Cobbling together something that will work does not make for good long-term results.

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