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Thread: Big Labor is here to stay

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    Calif? I don't think so. Nice place to visit but my family is here. I like snow.

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    The big advantage is that you still get snow, over green grass, and it melts in a few days, and you are outside in a t shirt again.

    Then you can drive to the ocean in a few hours or to the desert in less. Try that in Ohio or Wisconsin!

    And at the higher elevations, I think the snowpack is around 36 feet right now.

    But its hard to leave family for frozen fingers.
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    You got that right.

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    i was refering to is the part of the plot where its not getting a person to commit big sins to get them to hell but little things of everyday life that paves the path to hell. but his use of a giant bureaucracy as a metaphor for hell is right on target.

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