apologize for having to repost with different user name, but tried and tried to log on, even created a new account a couple of times in order to try and respond to post about my question about ge or whirlpool that you buy at lowes.
Here is my water test result from feb of 2010, right after this, i shocked the well with a product called well safe, and behold everything cleared up until about 2 months ago, now the red is back, i plan on getting my water tested again, but here was the first results, actually saw a water test at lowes, is that as good as dropping it off at the local plumbing supply house
ph - 6.46, hardness - 1.59 GPG(grains per gallon), Iron (fe) - .28 Fe, i called whirpool and was told that i had soft water all ready but they recommended the whirpool WHES30, i was looking at the WHES40, but was told it would be too big due to results of my water test. I then called the local plumbing house where i had the original test done and was told that they recommended a Macclean CWS100ME, but they also told me i may need a seperate iron filter, all of this came to about 2000 dollars, whirlpool told me that if i used the salt pellets designed for iron water that i would not need a seperate iron filter due to the results. the whirlpool folks did suggest that i get my water tested again, because the result paper that i got did not look right since i have red staining in my toilet bowls, i have purchased a extra large ge whole house filter that i am going to use to replace the small standard filter that i have and hoping that it may work very well, the reason i have the red stains is because we normally changed the cheap standard filter every saturday, but i had to work in honduras for a couple of months and wife did not change the filter, and when i came home never thought about it, actually thinking about shocking the well again and this time do it more like the instructions say, last time, my neighbor who is a plumber (but has now passed away in the last few months) kept telling me i was wasting my time, that i needed a system like he had, that cost around 2500, well after i was done, couple of weeks later ran a glass of water, showed it to him and he was actually amazed at how the red was gone and the back of the toilet bowls where crystal white after i cleaned out the brown sand like residue, which is what i read would happen to iron bacteria after you shock it with chlorine, what are the professional thoughts on this, trying to learn more now that i have to do most of my own plumbing. thanks for any input or advice