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Thread: Hydronic Radiator Siziing

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    Default Hydronic Radiator Siziing

    I have a hydronic geothermal system with a maximum temp of 110 F. So far I have only installed staple up heating under the main floor using heat transfer panelsand PEX piping. The next step is to install some radiators in rooms where I can not do the under floor panels. Most of the specs for radiators seem to be based on temperatures of 180 F with a temperature drop of 20 F. I have no problem getting specs for 110 F but I am wondering if at 110 F I can get a 20 F change in temperature, I notice that the temperature drop for the floor panels I am currently running is less than 5 F. I see there are all kinds of complicated formulas out there but I am wondering if any one has some practical experience on sizing radiators for the low temperatures generated by geo thermal systems.
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