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Thread: need help with a leak

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    Default need help with a leak

    My kitchen faucet is leaking. i cut the water off from the shut off valves and noticed it only leaked when the hot water side was on. i left it off for a few days till i could solve the issue but now it runs slightly even with the valve shut off. ive checked the rubber seal under the knob and noticed it was damaged so i replaced it but while doing so the water still continued to run even without the cartridge. not out of the faucet but from where the handle goes. what should i do?

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    I think you have two problems, first, the shutoff valves under the sink seem to be leaking (i.e., don't shut off completely). I suggest replacing them with 1/4-turn valves. This may be easy or hard, depending on how they are currently attached to the pipe. If they are compression or threaded on, it's fairly easy. If they are soldered on, then you need some tools and skill. Then, a picture or brand/model of the kitchen faucet would help identify where the problem is. There are thousands of versions in different configurations, so what works for one may not work for the other.
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