2-19-11, 10:39 PM CST: “Constipated Feces” Problem:
My builder has given up on solving the problem of “constipated feces”. I bought a new house in August 2010 with 2 Eclipse toilets. Both get blocked every time my wife uses them due to “constipated feces” without fail! Incurable disease of FTD is the reason for these feces. Builder put in St Thomas Creations Quattro toilets but the problem continues. He has scoped the 4” drain line and says that there is no problem with it. The flange-hole is 4”. The plug seems to be in the toilet-trap every time! I don’t see the MaP rating of this toilet on your site. Perhaps I need a toilet with higher MaP rating! I have been using Charmin’s ultra strong toilet paper so that I don’t get my hands wet when cleaning my wife. Obviously, I should stop using this paper based on info on your website. Any constructive comments for toilets and MaP rating on mine?