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Thread: Toilet Help

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    I have a room mate who is a large man (6'9" over 500lbs) and everytime I reseal the toilet everything seams fine, he uses it once or twice and water starts leaking out the bottom again. Is there a weight limit on a standard size toilet? What can I do to fix this? Flange is at the right height, and not cracked. I'm at a loss....

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    The bowl can't rock, or it will break the seal.
    Some bowls don't have much toward the back to prevent someone from rocking back and forth.
    So........a bowl that in fairly long on the bottom, with a good portion of the bowl behind the bolts for balance,
    Make sure you have compression on the wax, sometimes it takes two wax rings.
    Make sure it flat to the floor or shimmed to make it so,
    PolySeamSeal around the bowl, except at the back, to help "stick" it to the floor.

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    Perhaps the flange isn't really secure to the floor. It is what the toilet is attached to and needs to be rock solid. Is it a concrete or wood floor? If its wood is the wood weak? Does it flex when stepped on hard (like 500 pounds hard) Check with pliers to see if you can pull up on the bolts and lift the flange from the floor. Sometimes wood blocking underneath will solve the problem giving the flange screws something to bite into, or the floor is rotted and needs replacement.


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