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Thread: intermittent scalding water from electric water heater

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    Default intermittent scalding water from electric water heater

    I have a 60 gallon State Select electric water heater that is 4 years old.
    Recently it started putting intermittently putting out out scalding hot water (160 degrees). This problem occurs about once a month.

    I shut off the breakers and looked at the top and bottom thermostat and set both to the lowest temperature. It worked okay for two weeks,
    but the scalding water problem started again.

    I then tested both thermostats with a multimeter which indicated a zero reading on both.

    I then tested both heating anodes with a multimeter and they both tested fine.

    Any other suggestions on what the problem may be? Thanks for you help

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    I'm not familiar with the thermostats and elements on a State tank or any modern tank for that matter, but some thoughts...

    Are you measuring the temperature at the tap and seeing a higher temp than what the thermostats are set to? Any chance you are having a pressure differential problem that is changing the mix ratio?
    Do the thermostats switch both sides of the 220V line? Have you tested between the element leads and ground? If the element has an alternate path to ground and the thermostat doesn't switch both sides, some current can flow and might continue to heat the water.

    It could be that the thermostat sticks and by the time you get a meter on it could have opened.

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