Hi All. I'm new to this forum but hope someone can help me choose the right whole house water filter. I have a deep well with iron (0.6 ppm), hydrogen sulfide (no detectable sulfur) smell, and a pH of 7.8.
For the past 7 years I've been suffering with a potassium permanganate filter--and with purple water. I want a new system.
Should I go with a small pyrolox system? If so, which is the best and what 'accessories' should I make sure it has? Can the pyrolox be programed to backwash every 1-2 weeks?
Or can I go with a Pentek Big Blue 20 that supposedly filters out what iron? (it's an awful lot cheaper, but does it work?) Does the Pentek RFF20-BB, which is supposed to take out the iron also remove H2S? (It says not, but I've got such little sulfur that I wonder if H2S will disappear with the iron).
Or is there an even better option than the above?
Finally, does anyone know of a distributor of pyrolox or Pentek in Central New York State? It would help w/any guarantees. Or is it OK to just have a plumber hook it up to the existing pipes?
Thanks to all for your help and advice.