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Thread: Problem with water spots on chrome fixtures

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    Default Problem with water spots on chrome fixtures

    I am having a problem with spots on chrome fixtures.
    I am on well water.
    Location: Connecticut

    Here is my raw water analysis:
    Hardness - 21 GPG (grains per gallon)
    Iron - 0.05 mg/l (ferrous)
    Manganese - ND (not detected)
    pH - 7.3 standard units
    TDS (total dissolved solids) - 472 ppm

    My treated water analysis (done by a local lab):
    Copper - none detected
    Iron - none detected
    Manganese - none detected
    Chloride - 11.9 mg/L
    Hardness- none detected
    Sodium - 110.7 mg/L
    Nitrate as N - none detected
    Nitrite as N - none detected
    Color - 0
    Odor - 0
    PH - 7.8
    Turbidity - 0.3 NTU
    Sulfate - 40.5 mg/L
    TDS - 364 ppm

    My existing water treatment setup:
    1. Big Blue sediment cartridge filter
    2. Autotrol 255/762 48K water softener (installed in 2006)
    3. Big Blue RFC cartridge filter

    I confirmed that water is at 0 gpg hardness at all fixtures using a Hach 5B Hardness Test Kit.

    Attached are some pictures. I hope they help in diagnosing this problem.

    The pictures labeled Basement Shower (on the beige tile) show fixtures that have been in service only for a few months.
    The pictures labeled Upstairs Shower (on the white tile) show fixtures that have been in service for a few years.
    As you can see, the spotting/scaling on the Upstairs Shower fixtures is much more extensive.

    On both fixtures, I was able to scrape away some portion (not completely, some spots could not be removed by scraping) of the water spots using my fingernail. I attached a picture of the Upstairs Shower Valve after I scraped it....Does that give any indication as to the source of the spotting/scaling?

    I tried to clean the Upstairs Shower Head valve chrome handle with CLR.
    I put the handle in undiluted CLR and let it sit for about a minute,
    I wiped the handle with a sponge. Rinsed with cold water. But the spots still remained.
    I soaked it again for about a minute. This time, I scrubbed it with a green scrub pad. The spots came off, but it did leave some faint scratch marks on the handle. So, I wont be using the green pad anymore.

    Thanks for the help anyone can provide.
    If you need more info to help diagnose the problem, let me know and I will get it to you....

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