I was quoting a new job today and noticed that the framer (Home Owner) used two pressure treated 2"x4" to frame around the shower fixtures. The plumber (Home Owner) also drill nice tight holes and the copper pipping is touch the pressure treated studs.

I understand that there is special fastners and gaskets needed to keep materials not designed to work with pressure treated lumber from making contact.

I have suggested replacing the studs and the Client does not wish to do this.

I have further suggested I use my Fein Multimaster and remove enough of the studs around the pipe to prevent the copper lines from touching. I suggest then using some "Mickey Mouse Ears" and pressure treated screws to secure the pipes.

The client does not think this is necessary and my gut tells me it is mandatory.


Anyone have first hand expierence of the chemical in the pressure treated wood causing a pipe failure?

Any insight would be most welcome.