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Thread: Kohler Cimarron normal water spot size

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    Default Kohler Cimarron normal water spot size

    I just installed a Kohler Cimarron round bowl in a remodel at my daughtr's house, and the water spot in the bowl seems very small, just barely covering the discharge from the bowl. Kohler's website says the Cimarron has a "large" 10" x 11" water spot. I am pretty sure that isn't what we got in the one we installed. How do I adjust this? Any thoughts? The homeowner's guide isn't much help.


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    Take a pail of water and VERY slowly pour water into the bowl. It will fill up until the level gets to the point where it overflows the weir. If you can cause the water level to come up, and stay there, then you have a problem in the refill . If it does not come up, then this is what the toilet is designed for. If the toilet is not level, front to back, this can affect the water level. Check that out as well.
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    I hate to sound like the voice of doom, but if, after flushing, the water is initially at a higher level and slowly trickles down, there could be an internal crack in the toilet allowing the water to go down the drain. I bought a new American Standard Cadet in '96 (and the water spot in those at that time wasn't large anyway) and, between flushes, the water in the bowl would slowly recede to about a half cup. An internal leak was the issue.

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    Sounds like an internal crack.

    The last Cimarron I installed had a crack out the front of the bowl.
    We spotted that one right away. Very strange.


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