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Thread: Incomplete Backflush or Rinsing

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    Default Incomplete Backflush or Rinsing

    Thank you for any advice.

    3ppm Iron, 25 hardness, ~~7.1 ph, medium tannins, medium sulfur smell, medium methane.

    I have a chemical pump (chlorine/soda ash), Terminox Iron Filter and a mixed bed softener. All works well except imediately after a resin regeneration. I basically have a lot of unflushed or unrinsed muck coming through. The water is soft but what is coming through should have already gone down the drain. I have to open all cold water faucets for 5-10 minutes in order for this to clear. Then all is well.

    My dealer had me increase both backflush and rinse cycles (twice) on the Autotrol head, but this does not help. I have yet to open my tank to inspect for any abnormalties.

    Thank you and sorry if this is covered elsewhere.
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