First of all, Greetings! First time post here. From what I have read recently, this is the place for answers and advice.

My wife and I recently built a new home that has a well/septic system. Our original well water was hard and had iron in it. Long story short, had the Kinetico guy out and found out how expensive they are so I started looking around. Found a deal on Craigslist of a local plumber who uninstalled one to put in a larger system (bigger family). The Kinetico is the exact one the sales rep was trying to sell me. It is used but in great shape and the installer did a good job. He had put in a pre-filter for sand/sediment before that hits the Kinetico 2030s system. We have lived in our new house for 1 week before this was put in. So, I'm not entirely sure if my issues are due to the new soft water or what?

my current issues:
1) before the system was installed, we had the hot water almost all the way up in our shower. Continued like this for 2-3 days after it was in but now we have to have it almost all the way on the cold setting.

2) my wife thinks this was happening before the system as well, maybe it was and I just didn't notice it but our 2 upstairs shower heads seem to drip alot. Again, not sure if this was going on before or not.

3) our new Samsung front load washer will not stop streaming water. It doesn't pour out when the hot water is on, but comes out like a faucet when the cold line is open. I assume this could just be the cold water inlet valve being stuck open. Not sure if this is attributed to the water softener install or not but sort of coincidental. We had the Sears guys out to look at this and they blamed it on the soap being used.

could all of these problems be tied to my water softener being installed? maybe some sediment got through and has things stuck open or whatever? maybe not properly getting air out of lines after the install?

sorry for so many questions.

Thanks in advance!