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Thread: Just What Does Ian Gills Understand?

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    Let Federally-paid marshalls or rangers deal with the culling.

    There is no need for ordinary citizens to do that here.

    You're not a backward country....any more.

    The hunter must be brave and honorable. He must summon the courage to give up his right to own a gun so that those who do harm with guns are also not allowed to own one.

    But so far it looks like hunters in America are just too plain selfish and cowardly to do that.
    Either this is a bit of English humour or your socialist UK indoctrination is total.

    I suggest you cull deer for a year with a baton or long spear if needed, skin dress and eat them fairly exclusively. That 275# will drop to 195, and you will gain a fine appreciation of hunting.

    If you eat any meat products, without having at least once performed the tasks from kill through ingestion, I would describe that as hypocrisy.

    The system of commercial animal industry is a bit horrifying, and the shot deer is a lucky bloke indeed.

    Here is a bit on UK gun slaughters. Still goes on.

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