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Thread: Toto Aquia v. Drake?

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    Default Toto Aquia v. Drake?

    I am about to purchase a new toilet in our highest use area to replace one that clogs every other day. After much research and your helpful forum, I have narrowed it down to the Toto Drake or the Toto Aquia. I would like to do the "environmental" thing, but do not want to sacrifice performance. Not much info out there on the Aquia, other than spec sheets. Looks like the flush system is not the g-max. Any personal use? Have customers been satisfied? Does it get dirtier b/c of the lower water level? Will I still be able to get rid of the plunger?

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    The Aquia get 800 on the Map rating. That's pretty good.
    Here are comments and pictures in the link below.



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