I am replacing my second failed Toto toilet flush lever, at a cost of about $28.00, and I am really dissatisfied with both the poor engineering of the part as well as the need to buy the entire assembly for want of the tiny plastic piece that was the root of both failures. The part that fails is a small plastic bracket that is the interface between the flush handle and the brass flush arm inside the tank. There is simply insufficient material and strength in the plastic bracket to tolerate the torque load of the flush motion. The part is brand- specific, therefore Toto has a captive market. They do not offer the plastic bracket alone as a purchase option. Clearly, Toto is aware of the issue, since at my local Toto dealer they have three racks of replacement levers for sale at $28.00 a pop. I find this to be outrageous corporate behavior, and consumer pressure is needed to correct the issue. As a property manager for 30 years, and a builder, this is absolutely unacceptable. Having the best-flushing toilet in the world is of little consequence if the service calls chew up your bottom line. Toyota would have fixed an issue like this.