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Thread: Fleck 7000 Problem

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    Default Fleck 7000 Problem

    Got it fixed!! Idiot me mistook the PM light for the flow light.

    Need advise on programming valve. I Try to enter extended program mode (via v^ simu for 5 seconds at 12:01pm) the programming light comes on, I push the extra cycle botton and A-10 displays. The up and down allows me to changes this. Now the problem I push the extra cycle button again and it brings be right back to the time. It will not let me continue. Any advise would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Ray
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    If you aren't locked out, and I don't know what you see if you are, then the circuit board would be bad IMO.
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    Which control is it that you have?
    The first generation was red read outs, the second generation is of an LCD read out, black on a greenish background?

    Neither have a lock out ...

    It is possible that you have gotten in a loop of sorts and there is a way of a Master Reset to factory settings.. once that is done you would need to reprogram the settings for default days , backwash time and the rest of the settings that where set for your water and useage.

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