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Thread: tile redi shower pans Current comments/opinions/ experiences

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    Default tile redi shower pans Current comments/opinions/ experiences

    I am planning on a shower install on top attic floor of my house. I saw the Tile Redi product on a TV home improvement show and was hoping to get some feedback from members of Terry's forum. Thanks in advance and best regards,

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    Ofen, the attic floors were never designed for a live load. If yours is not, adding anything there that is brittle (tile is brittle) is asking for problems because the joists are often undersized for an actual living space, but fine for holding the walls together. I've never used one of those. YOu might ask the same question or search on www.johnbridge.com I know it has had people use them, and they have been discussed.
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    You might find some information that is helpful there on John Bridges Site. You might not.

    Building in your attic often is easy as pie because often the attics in this old homes of ours where build to add a room above.

    If you have 2"x4" framing - no way.

    If you have 2"x6" framing - there might be a window

    Old 2"x8" framing in many cases if it's old growth stronger than the new growth 2"x10"'s

    The first step should be a visit to city hall and the second a call to a structural engineer.

    First work on the structure. Then decide on a layout. Next work out your deflection rates.

    Then seek further information.

    Good luck.

    Keeps us posted...


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    Always get construction advice double checked by your local city hall. Flood Test Every Shower - Every Time.

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