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Thread: Leaky Shower drainpipe?

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    Default Leaky Shower drainpipe?

    Okay, heres the story. I have a stand up plastic shower in the downstairs bathroom. I noticed that a puddle of water was forming from it into the basement cement floor which is right on the other side of the wall. There is a gap of the wall at the bottom in the basement area where you can see the bottom of the shower. My first guess was that it needed to be recocked. I did that and put the rubber strip tape on it as well to ensure no water would leak out. It still is, and now I assume that the leak must be the shower drain pipe. Not sure where though. I looked down it with a flashlight but saw no cracks. Basically I would like to know what to do next? I am getting some minor mold on the wood in the basement where the leak is occuring, so I def. need to solve this problem very soon. Thanks

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    Help us to double check exactly what your saying..............
    What is rubber strip tape and where did you put it?
    What does recocked mean? Do you mean caulked or corked?
    If so are you talking about caulking around the base where the walls fit into the base?
    You need to tell us what kind of seal was used to seal the shower base to the 2" drain pipe.

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    the rubber strip tape is available at home depot. It says to put it over your caulking to prevent mildew. Its white and looks good, and mildew doesnt build on it. Recocked meaning "recaulked" sorry about the spelling. I recaulked the shower (the base) and the leak is continuing. And I dont know what kind of seal was used to seal the shower base to the drain pipe. I just grabbed the house last year so I wasnt the person who installed it. Hope that helps you a little better.


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