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Thread: Jado three handle tub/shower setup options

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    Default Jado three handle tub/shower setup options

    new to site. using jado 818 series. tiled wall finished for three handle tub/shower setup. contractor "plumber" used jado 4/3 diverter as center and hot and cold handles. works, but not ideal.
    anyone know of three handle valve body to use with jado 818 handles? any way to modify pricepfister three handle tub/shower valve body to make compatible with jado 818 handles.

    thanks, Troy

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    Swapping handles from different brands is sort of like trying to put a Chevy engine in a Ford...while maybe possible, not likely without a lot of machining or other work. Also, if those handles are into straight valves, and this is a remodel, it would not pass code. All new/remodeled (not repaired) showers require anti-scald technology, and straight volume controls do NOT have this capability. An inspector would likely fail it, and if you aren't getting an inspection, you are at risk for other problems (financial and otherwise) when it comes time to sell, too.

    this should have been addressed before you tiled.
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