I have a 20+ year old Weil McLean P468WT furnace with a Becket APG burner. It's been absolutely problem-free until this fall. We have had it serviced every summer.

One morning this fall the water was cold. I hit the reset button and she started right up. I called my oil co- they sent out a tech that changed the filter. But we noticed that it started smokey at times and we could smell oil. I had to hit the reset button a few weeks later and they cleaned the end cone, adjusted the burner and checked the hot water coil gasket. A few good (but occasionally smokey) weeks-then it wouldn't start again. This time they replaced the motor on the Becket.

Then it wouldn't start again (January at this point). The tech said he found a ground wire that may have not been connected properly. She has been running, but we still get oil-smelling start-ups, particularly in the late afternoon.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!