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Thread: Taco pump problem- cartridge model changed/swapped?

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    Default Taco pump problem- cartridge model changed/swapped?

    My pump was making noises, so I replaced the cartridge a few months ago. The pipes are now ringing, especially on the return side of the boiler (this is NOT gurgling noise, pipe banging, etc...). Using a screw driver for sound pickup, the circulation noise is much less on the exit side of the boiler.

    The pump was the older 0010-F1. I ordered the "correct" replacement cartridge. Prior to installation, I noted that the impellers were quite different. The old impeller was closed (similar to a higher head model- looks similar to the impeller of Tac0012-011RP ) and the new one was relatively flat and open. I called Taco, and they assured me it was the correct one. I'm now thinking that sometime in the past, and possibly at the original install, a different cartridge was plugged in from one of the higher series pumps.

    Here's what I have:
    112,500 BTU McNeil
    2 story home ~1350 SF per floor
    2 loops, one 1st floor, one 2nd floor with auto valves
    220 equivalent feet of piping in the highest head loop
    3/4" piping system
    Burner in the basement
    0010-F1 pump, 1/15 hp, 3250 RPM

    Does anyone have any direct experience with the interchangeability?
    What size replacement pump would be appropriate? I did some calculations based on this link, http://www.taco-hvac.com/uploads/Fil...irculators.pdf and it looks like I need a Model 0012 which would give me a head versus flow crossing point of ~6 to 7 gpm (or am I totally wrong?). This would tend to support the cartridge swap theory.
    Or would the Grundfos UPS15-58FC be a good choice?

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    Why not just change the whole circulator? In 30 years of HVAC service I have never replaced a cartridge. Waste of money.

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    We have the same taco pump, older model 0010-F1, and it was purchased in 1993. Our pump to started to make a strange noise, we ordered the new cartridge replacement as well (0010-021RP) and when we installed it the pump became extremely hot, and the pump would not pump the water into the pipes which went down. so our floor became very cold on our main floor.
    We to notice the difference in the cartridges as well, the original impeller was quite different. The old impeller was closed fin impeller (similar to a 0012-011RP ) and the new one was an open fin design. I am still waiting to hear from Taco. I am hoping we can possibly get another cartridge.

    We have a level entery 2 story home with apx. 1200 sf per floor.
    we have a Tam high mass stainless steel boiler 55,000 BTU

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    That is a very unusual pump size for what you are explaining for your system. Head sounds way high and flow sounds low for that size boiler but high for a 3/4" loop. I would first believe the boiler is way over sized but 220 equivalent feet of pipe. Secondly 6-7 gpm is too much flow for 3/4" pipe. A 3/4" pipe will carry about 4 gpm well. Design rate is 2 - 4 ft/second.
    What type of radiation do you have?
    What type of system....Monoflo, series, two pipe, reverse return?

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