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Thread: Pex Modified Homerun System Design

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    Default Pex Modified Homerun System Design

    I have a homerun system design questions for new construction.

    Most fixtures are centrally located above utility room (Location of manifold) however, master bathroom, an outdoor shower and a outdoor hose bib are 40' from utility room. All supply lines will be in a heated basement.

    I'm working off of two design options.

    1. Run all supply lines from the utility room. Just insulate them well.
    2. Install a small manifold in a closet near the master bathroom. I am guessing this manifold would be served by the same 3/4 the main manifold is served by. Insulate both supply lines.

    I could be splitting hairs here. Just scratching my head for what system will provide best pressure and hot water response time. My house systems are already pretty complex so I would rather stay away from an additional recirculation pump and keep things simple.

    Suggestions or comments?

    Thanks, Eric

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    You could go with a supply for each with a remote manifold and add a recirc loop if you wanted.
    It's up to you.

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