I am new to this forum, and hope I posted my question in the right place.
Thanks in advance for any help.
My son had recently moved to a “new” house.
The house is located in Long Island, NY.
The house was built in 1960, and has the original heating system.
The system is a hot water baseboard.
The boiler is an oil boiler, Sunray IV, made by National-US Radiator Corporation, which is no longer in business, nor can I find any information on this boiler.
The house heats up in few minutes, no problems here.
The problem is that there is air in the system, and it is noisy.
When we bleed the air, the system is quite for a short while, but after a week or two, the noise comes back.
I did some research and came across some air eliminators, such as the Spirovent Air Eliminator, which I consider to install.
I checked for any water leaks, and couldn't find any.
In addition, the system does not have an expansion tank, but rather, it has a water tank which hangs from the ceiling.
The other day I called up tech support at Amtrol, to get some advise on an expansion tank, and I was told that most likely the tank is full with water, and I should drain some of the water out of the tank.
The size of the tank is about 23 Gallons, and he recommended draining 1/2 of it.
Once we did so, the noise became worse than ever before.
I am planning to call him back.
Does any one here, may have any suggestion as to how can I deal with the air in the system.
Should I eliminate the water tank and replace it with an expansion tank?
Also, is there a way, if so needed, to add/refill the tank with water?
Any help is greatly appreciated.