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Thread: Best Water Softener Brands-Models for 800 Square Foot Cottage

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    Default Best Water Softener Brands-Models for 800 Square Foot Cottage

    Planning water supply system for a Norther Michigan cottage that is seasonal, i.e. the water is drained from the plumbing supply system, water heater, etc. before the winter freezing temperatures.

    Wondering what type of Water Softener might be recommended. The cottage is not heated during the winter, if freezing temps would damage the unit in any way, e.g. freezing, electronics would need to know this.

    Also, should the water softener be installed between the sediment filter and the water heater or before. Thanks.

    Have no idea what I should be looking for feature wise, e.g. electronic timers, mechanical, etc. Also, does it reduce the water pressure from the well? Are the big box stores a good place to buy? Where else?

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    Cheap is the box stores... and that is all that I will say on box store units

    There are Fleck units out there and most likely a day pattern would be better for you if water usage is going to be more of a hit and miss...

    There are ways of doing a system so that it can be blown down in the fall, I do it all the time and systems are ready to go again in the spring for many a customer.

    Well, pressure tank, sediment filter and then softener.. would be the way I would lay them out in the plumbing order..

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    I vote no on the prefilter, unless the water is visibly dirty.
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    Whatever you decide on you can't let it freeze. You are going to want it installed with unions so that you can store it in a warm place for the winter. Draining the valve head alone won't stop damage and it's a bear to completely drain the resin tank, so make sure you can take the tank out and do not lay it down when you transport it either.

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    How long do you spend at this cabin that can be a big determination in your needs all valves and equipment can be damaged by freezing temps what is your water makeup how many people are staying there on a regular basis and water usage is a lot more applicable than square footage when you have these answers it is a lot easier to answer your question

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