Hi, I am installing a greentek fifth port hrv in a new construction passive solar home. I am mounting it in a vertical chase to simplify the task of moving heat from the first floor to the second The fifth port would draw air from the chase, which is vented to the first floor, and distribute it through the hrv's house fresh air ductwork. The exhaust vents are downstairs; the fresh air vents are upstairs. An open stair well is the return. The hrv would cycle through, say, 50 minutes of recirc and 10 minutes of exchange.
The job would be easier if I could install a wye on the house exhaust ductwork just inside the chase and use the exhaust vents for double duty as well. Is there a damper system that would be closed in the hrv's exhaust mode but open in recirc mode? I'd rather not use a power damper. I am trying to keep it simple. (Ha!)
The job would be easier yet if I could use the chase for the house exhaust as well as recirc. The exhaust runs would end in the chase. The chase is 5'x5' masonry with two small access doors and electrical and plumbing penetrations. Obviously I am using caulk and foam by the case in this house.