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Thread: Solder Ball Valves(3) Confused about Open/Close and Where to Heat?

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    Default Solder Ball Valves(3) Confused about Open/Close and Where to Heat?

    Several questions which i would like resolved.

    1. Solder Method Open or Closed?
    2. Where to Place Heat on Brass or Pipe?
    3. Will Propane do or should i use Mapp?

    This is for a Bypass before it enters my Water Sofener and Waler Filter so that
    I can change filter when required.

    Thanks for your help....Sey
    Been along time since i entered a Post.

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    Heat goes on the fitting, or valve in this case.
    Valve should be open for a ball valve, closed for a gate valve.
    You have to have open air on each side of the valve when soldering, or the heated air will blow a hole in the soldered joint.
    Propane or Mapp, either works.

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    Formal training I received from the Copper association says you will move the torch from the pipe to the socket in a figure 8 pattern. This is especially important on larger valves and fittings. If you are soldering a larger valve you will start soldering at the five or seven O clock position of the fitting as heat rises. If you are a plumbing company owner and think you know all there is to know about joining copper pipe, you should do yourself a favor and invite someone from the copper association to come and do a seminar for you and your employees. I'm certain it will be of great interest to you. I don't know if they charge but you will be able to write it off for employee training.
    Just be certain to remove the ridge from the inside edge of the pipe before soldering. I am also pleased that you are installing filtration. It is before the softener, I hope? Install a particulate filter and a carbon filter next. Use one half micron filters. .5 is the only one that will remove little microscopic bugs from the water.
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    Default valve

    I turn the valve to a 45 degree position. If it is closed it can build up pressure in the pipe. If it is open, water be trapped in the "seals" which can then turn to steam and could damage the valve or even blow out the seals if it gets hot enough.

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