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Thread: Best Flushing Toilet for the Money

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    Default Best Flushing Toilet for the Money

    Considering a new toilet for a bath remodel and wanted to get some advice on the best flushing toilet for the dollar. I don't care about efficiency - in fact I would rather not purchase a product that says it's efficient or green. If flushing power is just a matter of gallons of water flushed, then what's the highest capacity toilet? If there are other factors to consider, please advise.


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    All toilets made today use 1.6 gallons per flush (or less). Not all company's toilets work well. You can't buy a new toilet that uses more...they just aren't sold here legally. The standard is likely to change to 1.2gpf in the coming years. I've heard good things about the double-cyclone flush on Toto's newer toilets. A popular one is the Drake II. High, consistent quality is a Toto trademark. The street prices are often much less than the suggested list price. They aren't sold in the big box stores, but most any plumbing supply can get them if they don't already have them. A toilet is often a once in 25-year or longer investment...a few bucks more (and not necessarily) is worth it for wear parts that are readily available, and one that works well out of the box.
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    You can find $99 toilet-in-a-box at El-Cheapo discount stores. Only one problem...they are crappy crappers. These are what is commonly referred to as builder grade. Builders buy them because they are cheap and allows them to keep the selling price of the home as low as possible. Plumbers keep busy replacing them shortly after the new owners move in. The Toto Drake II is a superb toilet at a modest price. You need to realize that the low flow concept is heading to 1.28 gallons per flush. It is possible to get good performance with this small amount of water if, and this is what separates junk from quality, if the toilet is properly designed. Toto has become the largest manufacturer of toilets in the world by designing toilets that will work with small amounts of water. The rarely if ever clog, and if a new flapper and/or flush valve is ever need, they are standard of the shelf items. You can not buy a Toto at a discount store, but as jadnashua points out, the usually sell for less than MSRP. It is not a good idea to buy on-line because shipping individual toilets frequently results in breakage.

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    I can only give you my tested opinion as a new toto convert. I "upgraded" to kohler 1.28 gal flush in a house I just sold. We kept plungers next to the toilet in every bathroom as they clogged constantly - and I mean several times a week. In my new home, we had american standard. Flushed great, but...both toilets had problems with the inner parts. Rather than replace, I read up and decided on toto. I went with ultramax for the one piece design at my wife's request, but the flush system is similar in other toilets. We have put these things to the test and have not had to unpack the plunger yet. At 1.6 G, they are not "efficent", but they do the hard work. In my completely unprofessional opinion (based on my lifetime total of about a dozen toilet replacements) the design of the toilet aids in the waste removal. When you see the seemingly small amount of water in the holding area, and watch it flush - fast and quiet, it seems like hardly any water or force comes out, but it clears out. My opinion is that the low and deep well and the way the water is pushed straight at the well, no swirling, just a push, like water on a chute - straight and forceful- is what makes these things work.
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