I have an Ariens 824 snowblower, that the drive gear doesn't seem to be acting right. I do not seem to be able to go thru snow like I use to. I've adjusted the cable, and we had some heavy snow yesterday and I've noticed that I had to push more than usual. And when I got done snowblowing, I was going toward my shed with the snow blower and I noticed black spots coming from under the rear casing. The snow blower seems to be moving fine, just when there is a heavy load it seems to have touble. Now, I don't know if the black drips was just water splashing up inside the case and some oil being mixed with it and dripping down or if I have a problem.
I did not take the cover off the case, because I don't know which way to tip the machine. Also, wouldn't know what to look for.
I don't want to bring it to the repair shop, in case nothing was wrong...he seems to keep the machines longer than needed, and pretty much has the attitude of "it's done, when it's done."
I can't be without my snowblower for weeks.
Any suggestions