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Thread: Help! Wall space is an inch short...

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    Default Help! Wall space is an inch short...

    I am preparing to gut my bathroom and have hit a problem. I would like to buy a standard 18" linen cupboard and a 42" to go on my 5' wall. However, the wall is an inch shy at 59" wide, so I am wondering what my options are. I need to re-do the right side wall to move the door over, so I am already having to open up the wall. I would like to avoid having to pay someone to make something custom-sized... any ideas?

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    YOu might be able to find a cabinet smaller than 42", possibly 39", and use a filler strip to close the gap.

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    Looking just at the size can be misleading. Depending on the configuration (doors or drawers), you may need additional room at the edges to be able to fully open the things, so often, a smaller cabinet with filler strips is the better way to go. Then, even if the space isn't quite square and plumb, you can get it to look like it was built-in and made for it.
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    A custom made cabinet is not necessarily significantly more espensive than a standard size piece. You owe it to yourself to get an estimate for one. I had the same issue with a bathroom lavatory and found a local cabinetry maker who made me the size that I needed out of the wood that I wanted for about $100 more than what a standard size would be. And it was built very well. Over the life of your bathroom this cost is insignificant in my opinion. For some reason in this area we have a number of Amish/Mennonite cabinet makers and other craftsmen who I have always greatly enjoyed dealing with.

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