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Thread: Force of Air Moved by Fireplace Blower

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    Default Force of Air Moved by Fireplace Blower

    My fireplace blower, when on, barely seems to move the heated air from the fireplace and into the room. I was expecting the air to be as forceful as when coming out of your car vents. Am I wrong to expect such forceful air to flow from the fireplace? The fireplace is a Monessen BDV 300 series and yesterday, I installed a Dayton 3A fan speed control switch (Grainger # 1AGU5A) on the wall. When the knob is turned all the way clockwise, I can hear the motor and fan, but it sounds like they are barely on, like on a "Low" setting. Thanks in advance.

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    No way for us to tell you because we do not know the CFM of the blower, or whether that switch is compatible with the blower motor.

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