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Thread: New Propane Line

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    Default New Propane Line

    I had my tank moved to build a barn and now I need to re-run the gas line. I would like to trench and lay the line down myself and just have the propane company install the barn regulator and hook up the lines. The house is at 110 feet and supplying 125000 btu furnace and future gas logs. The barn is 100 feet and supplying just a radiant floor water heater. The propane company talked about running 1/2" coated copper to each. If I run Type L 1/2" (inside diameter) copper in conduit, would I be okay?
    The conduit is for protection from landscaping.
    Thank you for your input.

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    I would check to see if conduit is even allowed.

    I seem to read somewhere that it's not allowed.
    It could be a source of gas buildup, sort of like a bomb is it was lit.


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