Hey there.
I am thrilled to have found this site. From the few posts I've had time to look at it is evident this is the right place for me.

I am looking into a new career path, just trying to get a feel of how to get going and what I am able to put my full effort into at this time in my life.

I have been in the "water/pump/well/treatment/ and waste for over 10 years. I have just started a small business, doing backflow testing. It's taking sometime for the jobs to come in BUT, I know sooner than later they will.

I have been doing "unlicensed DYI plumbing" for many years... I am curious what you all think the best way to start out, getting my Plumbing license, I've done some research but it's always better to hear from experience, in my book anyway.

I love a good challenge, plumbing has been one of those natural DIY jobs, that just seem to come easy to me... So there is passion backing up my curiosity.

ANYWHO, where's the best place to start? I will be working full time UNTIL my BFPI business gets going... Is it feasible to take on an apprenticeship while doing so?
Are there any ways for me to use my prior experience, other licenses and abilities to move faster? Don't get me wrong, I am willing to do it all the way... Nevertheless, I'm curious what the best road to travel is from here.