I agree 100% with Redwood. In our rural school you can find plenty of teachers that are just putting in their time. Some are very good and do well. Others could care less. Our graduating kids are hitting a brick wall when they go to college. We have had AP students who had good grades all through school litterally struggle to survive college. AP classes are disapearing because all the schools assets are going into special no child left behind classes. Spending more on kids that don't even want to be at school. As test scores fall schools are required to offer more remedial and special "lets pass the standardized testing" classes.

Admittedly home school is not for everyone. But for some it is an incredible experience. Today's homeschooler belongs to a home school group. If a parent is weak in a particular subject, there is usually one who is strong and often they are willing to teach small groups. There are home school field trips, dances, outings. The picture the op painted about today's homeschoolers is not typical. I wish our metal shop had all of the shop equipment listed in the previous posts! The word from our kids is wood shop is a great place to buy pot because the pot heads hang out there and the teacher is oblivious to anything going on in the shop.

Yes we continue to pay taxes so all kids can get a public education. If I could afford private school for our kids (and transport them as well) I would do it. My wife has homeschooled one of our kids off and on. It has been very successful. I would think using the op's line of thinking we ought to outlaw do it yourself plumbing, electrical and mechanical work as well. Everyone should utilize the services of a trained proffesional so they don't accidently screw up the end product. The mechanic knows the proper and legal requirements for performing brake work. A DIYer may just throw on any ol set of pads without turning the rotors.