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Thread: Boondoggle- shameful- Why to never pay taxes in the USA

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    You need take gun safety classes here for a hunting license. My car is my unwitting hunter these days, drivers license only needed.

    And you need wait 2 or 4 weeks for the fed to check you out to get your gun.

    And we are at least trying by law to reduce the number 10 and 20 round magazines that were once for sale, which is indeed a perversity for the general public.

    And the $35 aluminium pistols were banned many years ago.

    I do not suggest shooting public servants, only that the number of guns in america, and a military that is not a mindless pack of automatons, preserves us from despot presidents, or good ones that went mad in office. That king that ordered all the first born children be killed in the bible had a unarmed populace.

    Watch Dr. Strangelove if you have not. Peter Sellers old classic.... Issues of crazy governments and military. Milestone film.
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