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Thread: Baseboard heater/wiring question

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    Default Baseboard heater/wiring question

    Ok so here is what im trying to do lol.

    I am trying to hook this electric baseboard heater up. Its an older one that was here in ym house when i bought my place. Now my problem is there are two black wires. One black wire on top and one grayish/black wire on the bottom. I dont know which one do i connect to the black wire from the thermostat and which one do i connect to the white wire coming from the thermostat. I hope someone can help cause its buggin me badly lol

    Also where in the world do i put the copper ground wire, there does not seem to be a spot to place it. Usually there is a green screw to place the ground to but there is not one here.

    Thanks and looking forward to learning from this experience.

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    Connect the black wire with the solid black, connect white wire with the greyish black and ground wire to the phillipps screw at the very top of the baseboard in your first photo.

    It won't really matter which wire is which because the baseboard has 2 hot (power) wires(240v)

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    great, thanks so much gonna give it a go tomorrow.

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    Hopefully you will also address the fact this NM Cable has no connector as it enters the heater. It also looks like the NM Cable is damaged as well.
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    IF the cable came TO the baseboard and then two wires went from there to the thermostat, then it would be an SPST thermostat, which should not be used for that application, and one end connects to one of the feed wires and the other to the heater. BUT, from what the pictures show, it should be an DPST thermostat, in which case BOTH wires connect to the heater's wires, and the "green wire" attaches to the metal somewhere.
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