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Thread: kitchen plumbing problems

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    Hi HJ, I measured and the bottom of the drain pipe is about 18" from the floor. I think we decided to go with a little smaller sink in which the smaller of the two (double sink) is about 5" deep. Should eleviate any problems...Thanks again for all the info and replies..

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    Default Air gap and sink depth

    My kitchen sink worked fine before. Recently, I had a new, deeper sink installed (10" deep; also bigger in length and width), with a new disposal, and got rid of the air gap. Now, when I pour a pot of water in the sink, it drains down very slowly. If I turn on the disposal, the water goes right down. Will an air gap help drainage by allowing the air in the disposal to escape to somewhere? Is the bigger/deeper sink somehow causing this problem?


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    The dishwasher air gap will not help the sink drain.

    It for backflow.

    If you have a deep sink, you may need to lower the trap arm at the wall.


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