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Thread: Water Test and Softener Selection

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    Default Water Test and Softener Selection

    Ok…here is what I have…..Community well I have a grain hardness of 21 …<1 of iron…no manganese.
    Chlorine…can’t get a reading…used a hot tub test kit..showed none, but you can smell it sometimes…Ph is …7.6-7.7 SFR I came up with a value of 8 …based on the total wsfu of 10 using the UPC plumbing code…The number 8 represents all fixtures I may/would use at once...my gallons per minute is based on a timed test in the tub…both hot/cold running at the same time I had 3.5gpm…that gives you some idea of the water pressure in that community well system...I also came up with 130 gallons of water/day based on 2 people…65 gallons for each person
    According to Gary Slusser’s site, I need a a 1.5 cu ct unit that which water hardness calculates @ 3250 Daily grains capacity with 26000 total capacity…salt dosage total pounds is 8 salt dose capacity is 27300 salt efficiency is 3413…days between regen is 8. I have read a lot on Gary’s site and gained a lot of information…he speaks of a “calendar override” is that a manual regen based on date??
    I was thinking about getting a 10 x 54 resin tank 32,000 grain peak capacity 1.5 cuft …if that is in fact what I need…what about a gravel underbed??? 18 x 33 brine tank w/ float/salt grid…Fleck 5600 1 inch timered valve w/bypass…Installing softener inside home next to water heater area and putting brine tank outside (to save room in laundry area) …(brine tank would be about 10 feet away from softener) then running drain line from brine tank to downspout outlet nearby. What about the distributor tube… what dia should I get?? The plumbing inside this manufactured home is a rigid type similar to pvc and is an off white/yellow color…Skyline brand manufactured in 1999….does anyone see any problems with that install? What about putting softener/brine tank in the garage which is about 10-12 ft. from water meter??
    I had a local water treatment company sales person come out and sampled the water and try to sell me a softener that combines both carbon and resin… .75 cf resin/.75 carbon and would only guarantee the carbon in the tank for 2 yrs…then $400.00 after 2 years to replace media and carbon and tank…from what I’ve read…not a good design and charcoal will mix with resin beads and shorten life of them…he also said that it was a 28,000 grain capacity softener flow rate of 8, pipe size 1 inch, aprox salt usage 40 lbs/month and would regen every 4 days …seems a little light for my application….I was trying to get rid of the little bit of chlorine taste as I know the chlorine shortens life of resin but not a big deal if I don’t. The .75 cf of resin seems undersized for my application. Even though I did the calculations, I feel I am still missing something given my stats. FYI the guy wanted $1995.00 plus tax for softener system and to install…I see a lot of profit there. The install seems straightforward. What about the 3.5 gpm rate… is it too low and cause channeling in the resin if I went to the 1.5 cuft??
    As with all of you I am sure you are with me when I say… I only want to do this once and get it right the first time…based on Gary’s site and my understanding of his info as well as other info on the net any other help, thoughts, recommendations, salt usage, regen. times, equipment etc. would be greatly appreciated in helping me pick the “right the first time set up.”…thanks for you time…Jim
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