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Thread: Creating Adjustable Disposal Elbow

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    Default Creating Adjustable Disposal Elbow

    As expected, new disposal, the outlet elbow does not align with old drain/slip.
    The double sink plumbing is almost all solvent welded so there is no "play" or room for adjustment.
    Do NOT want to use flex coupling. Plenty of height to work with, just need disposal elbow with larger offset.
    Have a plan to make adjustable disposal elbow since the flange on the elbow looks the same as the flange on a sink tail piece.
    Name:  tailpiece.jpg
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    So above tailpiece will be horizontal out of disposal with flange at disposer end attached with disposer's supplied flange plate and washer.
    Name:  waste arm.jpg
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    Waste arm will be vertical with 90deg end/slip coupling attached to horizontal tailpiece above and slip end of waste arm going into existing slip fitting at drain.
    I can trim the tailpiece to give my needed offset.

    Does this sound reasonable??

    Notice that Lowe's sells these pieces in Black and White, since dispoal vibrates is one any better than other?? There will not be any solvent welding involved so disimilar materials is not an issue?? (Update: Lowes lists both as polypropylene so it doesn't seem if one would be any better than other..)
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    That will work. The only difference between the elbows is the color.

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