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Thread: Shopping for toilets

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    Red face Shopping for toilets

    I am looking for reasonably prices toilets that work well. I have (8) 1995 first generation low flushers that I am ready to get rid of. My house and two rentals. They are all builder grade. Have been thru many a plunger.

    Saw your site and can't afford $400 ones, but am trying to stay around $250-$289. Tired of learning about plungers and have decided to try to learn about toilets. Looking at Kohler cimarron K-3589. Says it is class 6 and they have fixed their bowl cleaning problem I saw on your site. Is that true? I saw the K3489 was way down on the Consumer Reports list. List is from 2009 so really too old to go by.

    Also saw the cadet 3American Std $229-1 piece, what about this one? One of my guest baths is small and am trying to get small elongated.

    GerberAvalanche elongated for around same prices. It looks good. What about it.

    Seems there are so many Kohler Cimarron #'s,Ameri. Std champion #'s, cadet #'s,gerbers etc. I would love to get some help from you and the forum with updated info.

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    I've been installing a lot of the Toto Drake toilets at $199.99
    That price will be going up in about a month.
    You don't mention the Toto, but it's the best out there right now.
    Or you can pick up a Cadet 3 and pull both pieces from the box to inspect before bringing it home.

    The Cimarron will plug more often the the Toto Drake and the Cadet 3.
    I don't like the trapway design on the Kohler.

    In Tennessee, I've used Southern Supply.

    The current Cimarron is better then the 1995 builder grade toilets, so it would be an improvement over what you have, not what I would call best, but better then your 95 bowls.
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