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Thread: Help diagnose problem with Dual-flush Toilet

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    Default Help diagnose problem with Dual-flush Toilet


    I bought a Glacier Bay Toilet from my local Home Depot and installed it with no problem. When I opened the water supply line, the tank started to fill but then stopped after an inch or two. It seems that the water is leaking through from the tank to the bowl and down the drain. This toilet does not have a flapper. Instead it has a plastic cylinder that looks something like this:


    I know for flapper toilets, water leakage is a result of the flapper being blocked from closing. But I don't know much about this cylinder contraption.....

    I have re-read the instructions a dozen times and made sure I installed all the parts properly. The tank had all the parts in it so I didnt touch it. I also made sure the rubber sealing gasket is installed properly between the tank and bowl.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Glacier Bay says it all...

    Nothing like a cheap Home Depot House Brand made in China by the lowest bidder.

    Go down to Home Depot and ask if they have replacement parts for it...
    On second thought don't bother... They don't!

    Do you have the booklet that came with the toilet?
    If you do it has a parts breakdown with the part number you need to order and a phone number to call.

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