I installed the new GE Hybrid last March and have been okay with it. I run it in heat pump mode only. But this morning I noticed it was flashing the following "Heat pump failure HPF code F-C" and then it gives a 1-888 phone number to call for service number, which I did call.

GE was very responsive and said that code meant they needed to order 3 parts which would be sent to me and after I received them they would set up a service appointment. Sounded good until she said one part is on delay and it would be a month until I would get it. She did mention that GE would give me up to $25 a month for energy reimbursement since my hybrid is running now on electric only.

And while she said they have very few calls on the hybrid I could not get out of her what this service code means. Anyone familiar with the hybrid's service codes in particular F-C