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Thread: Air Injection two tank venturi valve system HELP

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    Default Air Injection two tank venturi valve system HELP

    please see the above link to the thread with pictures that explain my system.
    I have this type of system and I am trying to figure out how to service it. What kind of media to add, etc.

    I can't find a plumber that knows the system to work on it or any instructions online. please help, Im desperate...


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    from the linked thread...

    1) What & how much media should I be putting in the tank with the Fleck control valve on it?
    2) Is there a web page that gives a thourough matanance plan of this system?
    3) There has to be some kind of maintenance or media replacement needed for the In/Out tank. Is there?
    4) Will properly installing a CSV cause any problems with this system?
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    I found this... http://www.neotecwater.com/pdf/iron_air_manual.pdf

    not enough info! adding media and type? cleaning out the tanks?

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    this ones a little better...http://www.aquat.com/images/ATS_Air_Injection.pdf

    Still not enough info.

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