I have a deep well (400ft) with a submersible pump and a recovery rate of about a half gallon a minute. It works fine as long as we're a bit careful with our water use. On Tuesday however, one of our toilets was flushed and left, but did not close the flush cycle properly and as a result kept on flushing until we noticed a pressure drop on another tap and found the continuously flushing toilet. Easy fix on the toilet valve, but my well was run down near the muddy water at the bottom. The water is lightly turbid and we've switched to bottled water for drinking, but are using the water for other normal household things and are trying to wait it out to clear. However, this seems to be taking a long time. It's now Friday.

Is there some simple way that we can clear the water in the well stack and restore the clarity of our well water? I have heard that if you slowly run the water on a continuous basis into a waste area (not into your septic tank) at lower than the recovery rate the water will gradually clear. Does anyone have experience with this or other ways to handle this problem?

I should note that we do not ever experience turbid water in normal use.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.