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Thread: Water System Design: Submersible-Tank-Jet

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    Default Water System Design: Submersible-Tank-Jet

    I have a deep well (440ft) 1-1/2hp submersible pump that feeds the house. I want to add a chlorinator system and thought that I'd use a 150-250gal poly tank to contain the chlorine injected water AND feed a jet pump for better/consistent water pressure in the house. My thought was to use a float switch to signal the submersible pump, but can't find one online that will drive the 1-1/2hp pump.

    Recap: 1-1/2hp submersible pump in well to chlorine injection pump to storage tank to jet pump to house supply.

    Can anyone confirm /comment /advise on the design idea and provide a supplier reference for the right float switch?

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    Just about any float switch can handle any size motor if you use a relay or contactor. The float switch energizes the relay, and the power for the motor is run through the relay, not the float switch.

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    This is about what you need. there are cheaper routes, just buy a 2 pole contactor with a coil voltage of whatever you are turning the float switches on with - 24 volts or 115 volts.



    Now the float switch is using less than one amp to operate the contactor.

    The Siemens is a great buy, but the coil is 240Volts
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