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Thread: Well now updated, Thanks

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    Default Well now updated, Thanks

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info.
    I had always had a struggling jet pump in cellar. trying to keep up with demand.
    Turned out to be to small a line coming into house, only 3/4 inch.
    Couple weeks back I updated my well.
    Put in new line from well, went with 1-1/4'' and since I had it dug up anyway I decided
    to change over to submersible. put in a
    1/2 hp pump, check valve at pump, 49 feet to bottom, pump set 5-1/2 feet up.
    installed a cycle stop valve (never heard of one before reading here) and tweaked new pressure switch setting to 45 on 65 off and set stop valve at 59 lbs.
    Everything works great never been this good since I moved in few years back.
    All info on what I did came from searching and reading on this site.
    Thanks again.

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    Excellent job! And thanks for coming back and letting us know how it worked. Most of the time when people get their water system working properly they forget to let us know. So usually "No news is good news". It is nice to hear when things work out.

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