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Thread: The end of woodworking in America, does anyone care?

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    See what you are up against Ian? The guy above supports child slavery, probably got it online where he paid no taxes, cares not about the quality as long as it makes it home, and sends his salary to Bangladesh.

    And he is proud of it. Maybe you are right, maybe the average American is quite a dolt. They just may deserve their water mains to sink their houses and their bridges to maim their children.

    But you are bloody misinformed about Americans cadillacs heating up polar bears dens.

    The ENGLISH heated the atmosphere with their coal mines firing Newcomens and Watts crappy steam engines, turning their looms with 8 year old girls working 10 hour days, while pop worked underground in the Cornish tin mines for a pastie a 12 hour day.

    Then came Newcomen, and a improved steam engine, which exhausted Englands coal entirely. Then YOUR BOYS [unemployed] came to california to enhance our rape of nature and accelerate the use of coal. It's all on your shoulders, those sweaty polar bears.

    The rest of the Brits were off on big sailing ships spreading venereal disease and smallpox around the earth. They killed more souls than 100,000 9-11's, and we are not counting the slaughter in India; the numbers would be too big.

    Snow cores from the Arctic actually fingerprint the first coal 'fallout' as from Englands dirty coal in the late 1600's.

    Then you managed to take the Australian paradise, fill it with sodomites and ner-do wells, and label it a succesful " transport"
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