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Thread: The end of woodworking in America, does anyone care?

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    Actually, the World trade Org and the American version both filed huge fines on china and Vietnam for bedroom and living room furniture for dumping. Unfortunately, it took 6 or 7 years of government babble, by which time our industrialists gave up on the insults, retired and auctioned off their machines.

    Canada makes great stuff, but face the same problems as us.

    As to Africa, they take boatloads of our old motel and hotel furniture that get removed by "chain" hotel laws every 5 to 7 years, and since there are no more independants to take them, they go to the third world. We dump our good junk on them.

    And the boats are lining up for containers, because all the chains have mandated FLAT SCREEN, thin tv's, which means MILLIONS of "entertainment centers" are to be trashed and all the 150 pound glass TV's with them. It's quite a big issue in the industry.

    And a disaster for the enviroment.
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